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King Stefan
Title King Stefan Of Human Realm

Other Known Names Stefan
Father (by Aurora)

Age 48

Gender Male

Species Human

Status Deceased

Occupation King,

Servant (former)

Alignment Good (formerly), Bad (The Worst Actually)

Origin A Barn (Formerly)
The Castle (Currently)

Family Members Unnamed parents (deceased)
Princess Aurora (daughter)
Queen Leila (wife, deceased)
King Henry (father-in-law, deceased)

Powers and Abilities Strength

Portrayed By Sharlto Copley
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King Stefan (simply known as Stefan) was an ambitious man who was Maleficent's best friend and her love interest when they were younger. After getting King Henry's confidence by cutting Maleficent's wings, he later became king. When Maleficent cursed his newborn daughter, he became paranoid with taking over the Moors and with his hunt and vengeance for Maleficent. He serves as the main antagonist of the film.

Physical Appearance Edit

King Stefan has scruffy chin-length hair, a beard that covers half his face, small eyes, bushy eyebrows, and a skinny posture covered up by his regal King clothes. This shows that even in his child days, he still hasn't changed.

Personality Edit

King Stefan was a poor boy who wanted to help his family and others before, even if this means stealing from people. Although, he showed himself as vain and cruel, as he would do anything to become king, as his childhood ambition. Ambitious though vain, after being called a merely servant by King Henry, enraged of his mockery, he suffocated him with a pillow. 

By becoming king, he had to cut off Maleficent's wings and steal them from her. After this, Maleficent became enraged, and he did regret taking them from his best friend, although he thought that this was the only option. 

As his castle was surrounded with iron, his heart seemed to have a barrier just like that as well. Looking past the iron, he did care for his wife and Aurora once, but could not as he only cared for slaying Maleficent. 

Origin Edit


Young Stefan

Almost nothing is known about King Stefan's origin. As a child, Stefan told Maleficent that he lived in a barn, and that his parents were dead. He also said that one day he would live in King Henry's Castle.

Maleficent Edit

Stefan first appears when he stole a gem from the moors. After Maleficent tells him to return it, Stefan and Maleficent became close with each other, and also were best friends and lovers. On Maleficent's 16th birthday, he gave her what she believed is a true love kiss, but it wasn't. He stopped coming to see Maleficent some several years later. 

He later stole Maleficent's Wings in order to become the new king. He married Leila, the daughter of the former king, Henry, and Leila gave birth to a girl who they named "Aurora". Maleficent, enraged from Stefan's betrayal, cursed the newborn daughter and said she will fall to a sleep like death. After Stefan begged her to spare his daughter's life, Maleficent said that only a true love kiss will awake her.

King Stefan

King Stefan

Over the next sixteen years, he became extremely paranoid and was obsessed with hunting Maleficent down, so obsessed that he couldn't care less for his dying wife. After Maleficent managed to awake Aurora, he brutally tortures and beats Maleficent and taunts her. He almost killed her but then she regained her wings and flew from the castle, and he was defeated by her on the top of the castle. Stefan, however, refused to accept his defeat and attacked Maleficent, causing both of them to fall, which resulted King Stefan's death.

Gallery Edit

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Notes Edit

Unlike King Stefan from Sleeping Beauty, who was good, King Stefan in Maleficent was initially good, but became evil. Also, in Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent died, while in Maleficent, King Stefan died. In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent and Stefan only met when Maleficent curses infant Aurora.