Title Queen Leila

Age 30s to early 40s (at death)

Gender Female

Species Human

Status Dead

Occupation Queen

Alignment Good

Origin The Castle

Family Members King Henry (father; dead)

Unnamed mother (dead) Stefan (husband; dead) Aurora (daughter) Philip (son-in-law)

Portrayed By Hannah New

Queen (formerly Princess) Leila is a minor character in the film, Maleficent. She was the daughter of King Henry and the wife of Stefan. She was given to Stefan in marriage as part of his reward for his "slaying" of the fairy, Maleficent. About a year or so after the coronation of her and Stefan as the new king and queen, Leila gave birth to their only daughter, Aurora. About fifteen years later, Leila contracted an unknown illness and died. Stefan does not mourn, or show any signs of grief at her death, as he has become one hundred percent focused on hunting down Maleficent and killing her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Queen Leila was tall and graceful with long blonde hair, large hazel eyes and she had classically beautiful features, and her beauty is clearly inherited by Princess Aurora.

As a queen, Queen Leila wore an elaborate jeweled headdress with a tiara on top of it. Her dress was cloth-of-silver trimmed with fur, and she wore sparkling silver shoes.


Queen Leila's appearance in the film is minimal, and nothing is known of her life before the events of the story take place. It can be assumed that as a princess, she lived a happy life with her parents at the castle, and knew little of the troubles of the world.


Queen Leila is seated on her throne beside her husband King Stefan as the kingdom celebrates the birth of their newborn and only daughter, Princess Aurora. The celebration in the throne room is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Maleficent, whose appearance visibly worries Queen Leila and angers her husband King Stefan. She watches in horror as the evil fairy Maleficent places a curse upon the baby and the infant Princess Aurora, their newborn and only daughter.

Trivia Edit

  • It seems unlikely that Queen Leila knew the true circumstances of Stefan's attack on Maleficent or his treacherous and ruthless nature.
  • Despite becoming queen, she is credited as Princess Leila.


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