Prince Phillip
Prince Phillip
Title Prince Phillip Of Ulstead

Age 23

Gender Male

Species Human

Status Alive

Occupation Prince of Ulstead

Alignment Good

Origin Ulstead

Family Members King John (father)
Queen Ingrith (mother)
Aurora (wife)
name unknown (maternal uncle ; dead)
King Stefan(Father in Law ; dead)
Queen Leila(Mother in Law ; dead)
Maleficent(Adopted Mother in Law)

Portrayed By Brenton Thwaites

Harris Dickinson

More information after the movie's release; Coming soon...

Prince Phillip is a young man that met Princess Aurora in the forest, where them two fell in love. Considering that the only way to reverse the curse was true love's kiss, Maleficent brought Phillip to King Stefan's Castle, in attempt to awake Aurora from her sleep. He is the husband of Aurora.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Phillip is a handsome charming man like the original movie.


He is willing to do anything to save Aurora from the curse. He seems kind, and is willing to do what it takes to reunite the two lands, of humans and fairies 


Nothing is much known about Prince Phillip. It's presumed that he was born in a human kingdom known as Ulstead. His parents are King John and Queen Ingrith.


In the film, he met Princess Aurora in the forest, and the two fell in love, so he is possibly her boyfriend. Later, Maleficent brought him to King Stefan's Castle in order to awake Aurora and reverse the curse. He kissed Aurora but he didn't awake her. He is later seen in the end of the movie, where he is witnessing Aurora being crowned to be the new Queen of both the Human Realm and the Moors. He and Aurora look at each other and smile happily.

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Notes Phillip currentlyEdit

  • In the 1959 classic Disney film Sleeping Beauty, Prince Phillip appears riding a white horse, which is named Samson. In Maleficent, he also appears riding a white horse, which may be a reference to the animated movie's horse.
  • In Maleficent, Phillip kisses Aurora, but he doesn't awake her from her death sleep, instead is Maleficent who kisses her on her forehead, awakening the Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty.
  • In original animated movie there was not informations about his mother, but possibly fortunately did not passed away only she was waiting for her husband and son in their castle.
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