Moors 4
Ruled By Maleficent (present Queen)
Aurora (former Queen)
Residents The Pixies
Forest Dragon
Tree Warriors
Visited By King Stefan, Aurora and Prince Phillip
Protected By Maleficent
Location Scotland
France (cartoon only)

The Moors is an enchanted forest which inhabits numerous creatures. The forest was invaded by King Henry's Army, but they were defeated by Maleficent, the Forest Dragon and the Tree Warriors.

Maleficent Edit

It is the home for Maleficent, the Pixies, Diaval, Balthazar and Mr. Chanterelle. Aurora also lives there, after she became the queen of the Moors by the end of the film.

It was visited by Aurora, King Stefan, who was Maleficent's love interest, and Prince Phillip, who is Aurora's (now) Husband.

Known Inhabitants Edit

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