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Maleficent along with Stefan, on her sixteenth birthday

Maleficent and Stefan had a complicated relationship. It started when the two were teenagers, from best friends, to lovers, ending as enemies.

Maleficent Edit

Maleficent first met Stefan in the moors, when he tried to steal a gem. The two later became best friends, and played a lot with each other. On Maleficent's sixteenth birthday, Stefan kissed her. However, after some period of time after this, he didn't come to see Maleficent. Stefan later betrayed her and stole her wings so he will be able to become the new king. Stefan later married Leila, Henry's daughter, and she became his wife and queen.

Maleficent, enraged from his betrayal, placed a curse on his newborn daughter, that when she will turn 16, she will fall to a sleep like death. Sixteen years later, After Maleficent managed to wake up Aurora, King Stefan tried to kill Maleficent, but Aurora manage to free her wings, so she can now fly again. 
Young Maleficent and Young Stefan

Young Maleficent and Young Stefan

She flew with Stefan to a castle and defeated him, saying "It's Over". However, he refused to accept the loss, and attacks her, which makes both of them to fall. But Maleficent manages to shake Stefan off her, and he falls to his death, making a complete victory to Maleficent and finishing his reign forever.

Notes Edit

In the classic Disney film Sleeping Beauty, King Stefan and Maleficent only met when she came to Aurora's royal christening and bestowed a curse on the newborn baby.

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