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Maleficent Mistress of Evil Character Poster 01
Title Queen Maleficent of The Moors (formerly)

Protector of The Moors (currently)
The Phoenix (currently)
Mistress of All Evil

Other Known Names Fairy Godmother, Mother by Aurora

Mistress by Diaval
Evil Fairy by Knotgrass, Flittle, and Thistlewit (formerly)
Pheonix by Connal
Witch by Queen Ingrith
Mother/Mom Queen Mal (Descendants 1)

Age 41 (Maleficent)

46 (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil)

Gender Female♀️

Species Dark Fey/Phoenix

Status Alive

Occupation Queen of the Moors (formerly)

Protector of the Moors (currently)
The Phoenix (currently)
Mistress Of Evil

Alignment Bad, later good

Origin Moors

Family Members Cornelius (father)
Foster Father Lysander

Thumbelina (mother)
Foster Mother Hermia Princess Aurora (adopted daughter)
Prince Phillip (adopted son-in-law)
Queen Ingrith
King John
The Phoenix (direct ancestor/predecessor)

Powers and Abilities Magic

Curse Inducement
Energy Manipulation
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Durability
Healing Factor

Portrayed By Angelina Jolie

Ella Purnell (as Teenage Maleficent)
Isobelle Molloy (as Young Maleficent)

Maleficent is a powerful dark fairy and the eponymous protagonist of the 2014 film Maleficent and its 2019 sequel, titled Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and the upcoming Maleficent 3.

Growing up as an orphan in the Moors, Maleficent believed herself to be the last of her kind. As she grew into adulthood, she became the de facto protector of the Moors. One day, Maleficent suffers a ruthless betrayal and deceit that turns her pure heart to stone.

Starving for revenge, Maleficent cruelly places an irrevocable curse on King Stefan and Queen Leila's newborn daughter, Princess Aurora, only to later realize that the girl may be the only one who can restore peace, forcing her to take drastic actions that would change both worlds forever.

She was played by actress Angelina Jolie, Ella Purnell portrayed her as a teenager, and Isobelle Molloy portrayed her as a child.


Everyone believes that Maleficent is pure evil, that she represents all that is evil, but they don't know the true story: Maleficent was once a benevolent pure young woman who would stop at nothing to guard the Moors and its inhabitants from harm. However, after her closest childhood friend and lover, Stefan betrayed and deceived her by severing her precious wings, Maleficent's pure heart began to darken and eventually turned to stone. Becoming the Evil Queen of the Moors, Maleficent is a shadow of her former self, striking fear into the hearts of all, even those closest to her.

She is sadistic and merciless, which she proves when she mercilessly places a sleeping spell on Stefan's baby daughter, Aurora, that before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into a sleep like death, leaving Stefan's castle with a sadistic laugh at the sweet revenge she just attained. She enjoys watching Stefan plead for his young daughter's life. During the final battle, Maleficent willingly allows Stefan to fall to his death, proving that she never forgave him for his betrayal despite regaining her wings and coldly stands over his body after his tragic demise.

Despite her dark side, Maleficent still possesses traits from her good side. This is proven by her relationship with Diaval and Aurora. Although sometimes irritated with him, Maleficent openly shows that she does care for Diaval a great deal, saving his life twice. The first time from a farmer and the second time from Stefan's men. Maleficent's relationship with Aurora is that of a mother/ daughter relationship.

At first, Maleficent despises Aurora, even trying to frighten her when she was a baby, to no avail. Despite her hatred of the child, Maleficent reluctantly begins to watch over and secretly raise the young girl from afar. During their first encounter, Maleficent is less vicious, softening from her experiences with Aurora. During her time with the princess, Maleficent begins to transform back into the woman she used to be, finding her happiness again.

When she comes to realize that she has maternal love for Aurora, Maleficent tries valiantly to save her from the curse and eventually discovers that True Love does indeed exist though when she included that the curse could only be lifted by True Love's Kiss, she believed that True Love did not exist, because of Stefan's treachery. In the end, Maleficent's stone heart turns pure once again, which is due to Aurora's own purity and innocence.



Young Maleficent

Young Maleficent

Maleficent was born in an enchanted forest kingdom known as the Moors, bordering the human kingdom. As a child, her parents were killed by humans, leaving her as an orphan. One day, Maleficent is lying on a tree branch happily playing with dolls using her powers, she hears a noise and sees a branch on the tree has snapped, goes over to it, wraps her hands around it to magically fix it, after she spreads her large wings and takes flight across the land, greeting the other creatures she comes across.

Maleficent comes across three pixies, Knotgrass, Flittle, and Thistlewit having a meeting. They tell her that a human peasant boy has been discovered in the Moors. Maleficent immediately leaves to investigate, knocking back the three pixies. She finds that the Spriggans have cornered the boy in an alcove, and demands that he come out of hiding. Reluctantly, he comes out and introduces himself as Stefan, Maleficent orders him to hand over the gem he had stolen from the kingdom. He surrenders the gem and Maleficent tosses it into the water.

Maleficent escorts Stefan to the border of the Moors, where they discover that they are both orphans. Stefan wishes to return to the Moors to see Maleficent again, but she tells him that it is forbidden. Nonetheless, they both want to see each other again but when Stefan extends his hand to her and as she goes to shake it she gets a shock from his ring. She explains that iron burns fairies and he takes off his ring and throws it away. Stefan is leaving and Maleficent smiles to herself and she begins to develop feelings for Stefan and a few weeks later, Stefan returns to see Maleficent and the two develop a close friendship, which as they grow older, develops into romance.

On her sixteenth birthday, Stefan gives Maleficent a present: True Love's Kiss. However, it was never meant to be. Over the next several years, Stefan stops coming to see Maleficent, due to his temptations toward the human kingdom. While Maleficent, the strongest of the fairies, rises to become her homeland's fierce protector.

The Moors are under threat from the vain and greedy King Henry, who wants to conquer them. While Maleficent is sitting on a cliff in the Moors, she spots King Henry and his army charging toward the Moors and then she quickly flies off. Maleficent confronts King Henry and his army at the border of the Moors and warns them not to proceed any further, but her warning is ignored by the soldiers who begin their attack on the Moors.

Maleficent calls for help and she is answered by the Forest Army, which includes the Spriggans, the Tree Ogres, and the Vine Dragon. They stand by her side as she engages the soldiers in a fierce battle. Maleficent leads her army of the forest guardians against Henry’s army, she swoops down and takes down the soldiers then comes across Henry and knocks down him off his horse, mortally wounding him, the soldiers charge towards Maleficent, with few flaps of her wings, she throws them off their feet, she goes over to Henry who is lying on the ground but the King pushes her away, and as his armor is made of iron, it burns her. The Forest Army emerges victorious and the surviving soldiers to retreat back to their kingdom.

Later that night, Maleficent receives a visit from Stefan, who, unknown to her, has become a servant of the King. The King has demanded to be avenged and will name whoever kills Maleficent as his successor to the throne. Stefan tells Maleficent that he has returned to warn her of the King's demands.

Maleficent and Stefan sit closely to each other by the river and spend the night together like they used to. Stefan gives Maleficent a drink, which causes her to fall into a deep sleep as soon as she takes a sip. Stefan then drew a dagger and attempted to kill her, but couldn't bring himself to do it. Instead, he uses a chain made of iron to cut off her wings. He then presents them to the dying King Henry as false proof that she was slain.

Maleficent Cries

Maleficent is devastated at the loss of her wings

The next morning, Maleficent awakens possibly to a burning pain on her back, and is heartbroken and starts crying in agony upon finding that her wings are now gone.

Unable to walk properly, Maleficent picks up a simple twig, and transforms it into a staff. She then walks through the Moors until she finds the ruins where she sits to think and hides in the shadows, broken and alone, at the same time a raven appears but she sends it away.

The next day, Maleficent sees a farmer capture the raven with a net and is tormenting the helpless creature. Taking pity on the raven, she transforms him into a man, frightening the farmer who flees. Maleficent approaches the confused man who is disturbed at having his form altered, but realizing that Maleficent saved his life, he apologizes and introduces himself as Diaval. He agrees to be her humble servant, and Maleficent gives him his first task: to find Stefan. Diaval infiltrates the kingdom and witnesses Stefan, at his coronation being crowned king, with Princess Leila, the daughter of King Henry, becoming his wife and queen.

When Diaval reports his sightings to Maleficent, she is infuriated after realizing that Stefan betrayed and deceived her so he could become King. She then screams, and lets out a powerful blast of green light into the sky, which Stefan notices from his tower. She returns to the Moors as dark clouds loom across the forest, and then, creating a throne of dark and twisted roots, Maleficent sits there as the new evil Queen of the Moors, creating a dark and oppressive kingdom. Sometime later, Diaval reports to Maleficent and informs her that Stefan and his new wife, Queen Leila, have had a child. Although distressed at the news, Maleficent sees this as the perfect opportunity to get revenge on Stefan for cutting her wings off.


Maleficent Curses

Maleficent places an irrevocable curse on Aurora

A royal Christening is held for King Stefan and Queen Leila's newborn daughter, Princess Aurora, after the dawning of the sun. Knotgrass, Flittle, and Thistlewit arrive at the Christening, and with Stefan's blessing, bestow gifts on the young princess, but before Thistlewit can bestow her gift, Maleficent arrives. She, donning her trademark crown and black robes, stand before Stefan and Leila grinning sinisterly. Maleficent looks at the guests, laughs sinisterly again and she retorts, "I must say I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation." Stefan tells her that she is not welcome here. Maleficent does a mock offended look, then laughs and says: "Oh, dear. What an awkward situation." The queen asks him if she is not offended and Maleficent, still disgusted and enraged over Stefan's betrayal and deceit, says no and informs them that she too will bestow a gift on the child.

With no one able to stop her, Maleficent approaches Aurora’s crib, she uses her magic to toss aside the three fairies and they land inside a chest when they tell her to stay away from the girl. Maleficent looks down at baby Aurora for a moment and informs the inhabitants that the princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who meet her. Queen Leila says that’s a lovely gift and Maleficent shears Stefan with clippers and then looks behind her and notices the spindle on a spinning wheel.

Maleficent announces that the princess will fall into "a sleep like death" for all eternity when she pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday before sunset. However, after Stefan begs her to spare his daughter's life, she also includes that the curse can be lifted only by true love's kiss and no other power on earth can change it. Maleficent, with her blast of green light surrounding her, leaves, laughing sinisterly. Maleficent also surrounds the Moors with an impenetrable wall of thorns to protect herself and the Moors' inhabitants from the soldiers.

Stefan sends Aurora away to live with three pixies—Knotgrass, Thistlewit, and Flittle—to raise and protect her until the day after her sixteenth birthday, pretending to be her three human aunts. Diaval takes Maleficent to the fairies cottage and creeps to an open window and looks inside where the baby Aurora is in her basket. When the baby Aurora sees her, she smiles adoringly at Maleficent and the dark fey tries to frighten the girl, but Aurora just continues to smile at her. Maleficent says she hates her, calling her "Beastie" before hearing the fairies inside the cottage, turns back and walks away.

The three fairies do not know how to feed baby Aurora and when he sees her attempts to feed her, Diaval shakes his head, and as the baby continues to cry Maleficent covers her ears in frustration and says: "It’s going to starve with those three looking after it." At night, while the fairies sleep and the baby cries, Diaval flies in through the window bringing her a flower with water for her to drink and he starts rocking her crib; the next morning the fairies are sat at the table playing a game of checkers and outside the cottage, Maleficent uses her magic to make it rain on the three fairies and then on the entire cottage. She does it to play a prank on the three fairies, while smiling to herself she sees Diaval, in his human form now, looking at her disapprovingly and Maleficent says to him "Oh, come on. That’s funny."

Over the next few years, Maleficent and Diaval watch over and reluctantly watched to take care of the princess from afar after the fairies prove themselves incapable and struggle to live as humans. Maleficent uses her powers to play and make bad jokes to the fairies, to her amusement.

One day, Maleficent watches the three fairies enjoying a picnic in the woods and decides to play a trick on them and uses her magic to pull Flittle’s hair. This causes her to pull Thistletwit's hair and then each pulls the other's hair. Maleficent then uses her magic to throw Knotgrass’s hat off her head, she looks at Thistletwit and she and Flittle start hitting Thistletwit, Maleficent watches them in amusement and then notices Aurora, now five years old, rushing off towards the edge of cliff chasing a butterfly and Maleficent says "Oh, look. The little beast is about to fall off the cliff." Maleficent watches coldly as Aurora runs after the butterfly and as she goes over the edge of the cliff Maleficent uses her magic to have some branches catch her, Maleficent looks at Diaval, who’s in his Raven form and asks "What?" Diaval croaks approvingly at her.

One day, a five-year-old Aurora runs into the woods and finds Maleficent. Maleficent tells her to go away, but Aurora simply smiles at Maleficent in response and takes a step towards her. Maleficent keeps telling her to go away and the girl hugs her and reluctantly Maleficent picks Aurora up in her arms, Aurora touches Maleficent’s horns before Maleficent sets her down again and sends her home. Aurora turns and walks away towards the woods.

After several years, Stefan became extremely paranoid and obsessed with hunting Maleficent, sending his men to seek and kill her, but in vain. One night he sent his men to burn down the wall of thorns but Maleficent uses her magic to control the thorns and defeats the men easily. Stefan has the blacksmiths of the kingdom forge iron armor and weapons. His obsession makes him neglect his wife who soon falls seriously ill and dies overnight, but shows no pain from her death.

When Aurora turns fifteen, she spends most of her time trying to explore the forest that surrounds her cottage but is unable because of the thorn wall. Maleficent and Diaval, in his human form, watch her from the distance and she says "Hm. Curious little beastie." Stefan’s soldier’s, who are trying to take down the wall of thorns, see Aurora standing by the wall and confuse her almost for Maleficent. They get closer to Aurora and Maleficent turns to Diaval and says to him "Bring them to me." Diaval nods his head and Maleficent turns him into a wolf, the soldiers then notice Aurora turn around and they see that it is not Maleficent. Maleficent then puts Aurora to sleep and floats her body away from the wall of thorns, shows Diaval in wolf form, to scare them and to bring them to Maleficent.

She then uses her magic to raise the soldiers off the ground, swing them from side to side, shake off their weapons and then toss them aside to hit the trees and get them knocked out falling to the ground, she then notices one of their helmets and when she goes to touch it she feels the burn as the helmet is made of iron. Maleficent turns Diaval from his wolf form into his human form again, he is furious with Maleficent for turning him into a wolf and Maleficent suddenly turns Diaval into his raven form, she then looks at Aurora’s floating sleeping body and she takes Aurora’s sleeping body deeper into the Moors.

Maleficent hides behind a tree and awakens Aurora. Aurora is delighted to be in the Moors to explore like she has always wanted. Maleficent watches as Aurora looks with amazement and wonder at the creatures that surround her until they feel Maleficent’s presence and fly off in fear, Aurora turns towards the trees and says "I know you’re there. Don’t be afraid," Maleficent chuckles and says, "I am not afraid," Aurora replies, "Then come out," Maleficent responds by saying "Then you’ll be afraid," Aurora replies again with "No, I won’t." Maleficent steps out from her hiding place and faces Aurora and to her surprise she is delighted to meet. Aurora claims she is her Fairy Godmother, she smiles and says "You’ve been watching over me my whole life. I’ve always known you were close by," Maleficent asks how and Aurora says "Your shadow, it’s been following me ever since I was small. Wherever I went, your shadow was always with me." Diaval comes flying, bows his head when he sees Aurora and Maleficent turns him into his human form. Aurora and Diaval meet, and she is excited to be in the Moors and when he approaches the Dark Fay, Maleficent uses her magic to put Aurora to sleep, takes her through the Moors again and back to the cottage, places her in her own bed and says, "Good night, beasty."

Over the next several days, Maleficent allows Aurora to spend more time in the Moors and introduces her to the other fairies and magical creatures. They all grow an immediate liking for Aurora and enjoy her presence in the forest. Maleficent and Aurora also begin to develop a mother-daughter like relationship. Maleficent also begins to lose her malevolence and become benevolent once again after enjoying herself when Aurora plays with the wallerbogs. Realizing that she has grown to love Aurora, Maleficent attempts to remove the curse but fails, because there is no power on Earth that can lift it, but True Love's Kiss. Later, Aurora questions why Maleficent is the only fairy who does not fly. Reluctantly, Maleficent tells Aurora that her wings were stolen from her, and seeing that she is distraught, Aurora attempts to comfort her, but Maleficent is inconsolable and walks away.

On the day before her sixteenth birthday, Aurora decides that she wishes to live in the Moors with Maleficent and the other fairies, maintaining this wish even after being warned by that there is evil in the world that she cannot protect her from. Nonetheless, Maleficent allows Aurora to live in the Moors, hoping that it will undo the spell since she will be far away from any spinning wheels. However, Aurora inadvertently learns about her true parentage and that Maleficent is the "evil fairy" who cursed her from the pixies. Heartbroken, Aurora runs away to her father's castle, where she reunites with Stefan. To keep her safe, Stefan locks her in her room, believing that Maleficent is coming for her revenge.

Aurora Confronts Maleficent

Maleficent is confronted by Aurora

Maleficent orders Diaval to find Prince Phillip who had previously met and fell in love with Aurora in the forest and although she does not believe that True Love exists, which she had discussed earlier with Diaval, however, she sees that Phillip may be her only hope to save Aurora. Maleficent locates Phillip and places him into a sleeping trance and transforms Diaval into a horse to deliver Phillip to the castle. Unfortunately, as the sun begins to set, the curse takes effect and Aurora is lured to the dungeon of the castle where she pricks her finger on the spindle of a reformed spinning wheel and falls into her eternal slumber.

The Final Battle[]

Maleficent and Diaval, in his human form walk towards the palace with the still unconscious Phillip. Maleficent and Diaval sneak into the castle with Phillip to bring him to the sleeping Aurora. Inside, Maleficent and Diaval find a Stefan’s trap of massive iron needles set across the threshold. Maleficent starts walking through the iron needles carefully, followed by Diaval and the unconscious Phillip. They all get through and Maleficent knocks out a guard by using Phillip as a decoy to get him to approach them. Maleficent and Diaval arrive at Aurora's room and stay outside. Maleficent wakes up Phillip by dropping his body to the ground, the three fairies hear the noise, open the door and take Phillip to Aurora. Malefica and Diaval hope his brief encounter with her will be enough to break her curse.

Maleficent Finds Aurora

Maleficent discovers Aurora hidden in the cottage

Maleficent Regains Her Wings

Maleficent regains her wings

When Phillip goes to kiss Aurora, Maleficent and Diaval enter the room, hide behind a screen to watch. Unfortunately, his kiss fails, and Aurora remains asleep. Phillip and the fairies leave the room and Maleficent and Diaval leave their hiding place and Maleficent walks over to Aurora’s bedside. Maleficent sadly looks upon what her hatred has brought to her dear friend. She tearfully apologizes to her sleeping goddaughter and gives her a farewell kiss on the forehead. However, just before she can walk away, a miracle happens: Aurora wakes up. Maleficent's strong and genuine motherly love for Aurora was enough to break the curse that she herself had cast.

As they attempt to flee the castle, Maleficent is trapped under an iron net by Stefan's guards. Aurora goes to help Maleficent one of the soldiers pushes her back. Maleficent turns Diaval into a dragon as the guards start attacking her, and he lifts the net off of her and fights the guards. However, as Stefan enters the scene, Diaval is chained by the soldiers and they surround Maleficent with their shields. Stefan taunts Maleficent and cruelly beats her with an iron chain, knocking her down. After Stefan throws the chains around Maleficent and tosses her aside, Stefan takes out his sword and as he walks towards Maleficent to strike a fatal blow but, before Stefan can kill her, the wings reach Maleficent and reattach themselves to her back, after Aurora frees them. She flaps her wings and floats up.

With her wings back, Maleficent starts to fly away and frees Diaval from his restraints, and together, they manage to defeat the guards with the treacherous king still standing. Stefan throws a chain at her leg and holds on, but as the guards are about to throw their spears at her Maleficent flies out the window, pulling Stefan with her until they reach a tower, Maleficent throws Stefan against the tower wall and grabs his throat, but just when the fairy is close to choking him to death, she decides to spare his life claiming "It's over." However, Stefan refuses defeat and, when Maleficent turns to fly off, jumps on her. The two fall from the tower, but Maleficent manages to shake him off, and Stefan falls to his death.

With peace finally restored between the two kingdoms, Maleficent demolishes the wall of thorns as the barrier is no longer needed and restores the Moors to its former beauty. The three fairies fly with a crown and offer it to Aurora and when they mention that they took care of her, Maleficent looks at them with the evil eye. She passes her crown to Aurora, making her Queen of both the human kingdom and the Moors, unifying the kingdoms forever. Maleficent then happily flies through the skies with Diaval by her side.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil[]

Five years after King Stefan's death, Maleficent serves as the protector of the Moors, protecting them from whatever unknown threat comes. Although she was heroic, Maleficent is deemed to be a villain by the kingdom of Ulstead while Aurora is reigning as Queen of the Moors, maintaining order and peace among the creatures and fairies. One day, Diaval arrives flying to the cliff where Maleficent is. She transforms him into his human form and he says "My mistress," Maleficent, without turning to Diaval, he says "What?," He says "I have a little news," she responds "Well, on with it," Diaval answers "No it has real repercussion and of course it is not necessary to dramatize. It's just that Prince Phillip has—," Maleficent cuts him off and says "Disappeared?," Diaval says" No. No. Phillip has—", Maleficent interrupts him again and says " Yellow fever? No, wait! Leprosy! ," Diaval says " No, my mistress. Prince Phillip has asked Aurora to become his—," Maleficent angrily interrupts him again, telling him " Don't ruin my morning " as she turns to him and takes flight to go find Aurora. Diaval tells Maleficent to calm down.

Maleficent lands where Aurora, the three pixies, and Pinto are. Aurora approaches Maleficent and informs her that Phillip has proposed to her and Maleficent assumes that she has said no, but Aurora tells her that she has accepted and shows her the engagement ring on her finger. Maleficent refuses to give Aurora permission or her blessing, however, Aurora says she isn't asking Maleficent but informing her and the Dark Fairy tells her that she is also informing her. Aurora sarcastically asks if to avoid it, she would transform Phillip into a goat but Maleficent really thinks about it. Aurora tells him that she is in love with Phillip. Maleficent warn Aurora again against marrying Phillip, believing that it will end up terribly, just like what happened with her and Stefan. Aurora asks Maleficent to give Phillip a chance to prove her wrong and informs him that Phillip's parents have organized an intimate dinner to celebrate the union and have invited them both. Maleficent tells her that she is not welcome in Ulstead and asks why she should go. Aurora tells her that Phillip's mother wishes to meet Maleficent. The Dark Fairy is still not sure about going to dinner but decides to do it for Aurora.

Maleficent practices with Diaval how to maintain composure when in front of Phillip's parents. He tells Maleficent not to smile (to hide his fangs), then he says to say hello. Maleficent salutes "You are very kind to invite me tonight" as if she is a threat and Diaval reminds her that she is not a threat and she greets more warmly. Diaval tells him that now Maleficent bows but then decides to leave that and tells her mistress that she is being very generous. At that moment, Aurora approaches Maleficent with a handkerchief to cover her horns and make everyone feel more comfortable. Maleficent, for her, decides to wear that scarf.

Maleficent, Aurora and Diaval go to the kingdom of Ulstead and as they approach the river that separates the two kingdoms, Maleficent creates a bridge with roots for them to pass. As they get closer, Maleficent sees the humans of the kingdom hiding in their houses or using pitchforks and torches which she finds very funny and says "Torches? Humans are comical". She also smiles at a group of them to scare them, to have fun too. Maleficent, Aurora and Diaval arrive at the castle gates with Percival, the captain of the Ulstead Royal Family guards, and his guards opening the way for them. As he walks, Maleficent observes the castle. Being inside the castle, Diaval talks to Maleficent about turning him into a bear but she asks "Why are we talking about bears?"

Upon arriving the castle room where intimate dinner is held, Maleficent, Aurora and Diaval meet Phillip's parents: King John and Queen Ingrith of Ulstead. Maleficent maintains her composure as Ingrith taunts and provokes her throughout the evening by repeating the inaccurate story that has made the humans believe her to be evil: the story of Maleficent's sleeping curse on Aurora is only half the truth, because no one has ever been told the whole truth about her loving Aurora and sacrificing herself to lift the curse. Ingrith alludes to Stefan's death as murder, and openly claims Maleficent killed two human fairy poachers last seen near the Moors. Maleficent responds with equal iciness that humans have been kidnapping fairies, and alludes that she believes the order to do it comes from either the King or Queen.

Ingrith provokes Maleficent by dismissing her maternal bond with Aurora and claims that the marriage will make Ingrith her real mother, to which Maleficent reacts by angrily unleashing a burst of magical energy, seemingly cursing King John, who suddenly falls into a deep slumber. Aurora asks "What have you done?, Maleficent proclaims that she has done nothing, but Aurora disbelieves her. Maleficent says her "Aurora, we're going home now." but Aurora moves away from her. Maleficent calls her but Aurora asks her to wake up the king. Maleficent retreats when the guards come in, but she is then hit by a projectile fired by Gerda, Ingrith's servant. Maleficent almost falls to her death but is saved by a mysterious creature with wings similar to hers.

Maleficent awakens in an underground cavern and she finds herself in a colony of winged and horned creatures that look like her. Among them is their peaceful leader Connal who heroically rescued Maleficent from falling to her death, and Borra, a warlike fairy who favors open conflict with humans, who killed the poachers near the Moors. Connal and Borra argue about whether to make peace with humans or go to war. Connal says that they will not win because there are too many kingdoms and humans but Borra says that they have Maleficent, he says that he has powers beyond his reach but Connal says that she is injured. Maleficent asks who they are, Borra approaches her and begins to smell her. Seeing that she reeks of human, Borra suggests that Connal should have left her to die in the sea. He continues to provoke her until Maleficent unleashes an explosion of magical energy that sends Borra into the air. When he recovers from his blow against the wall and the ground, Borra repeats that the power of Maleficent will make them win the war against humans and he and the other creatures fly away through a hole. Maleficent approaches Connal and tells him that he has saved her, Connal tells her to accompany him, to show her who they are.

Connal drops down a hole and Maleficent follows him. Maleficent is in a frozen tundra and while she flies she sees creatures like her but better adapted to the cold. Connal appears by her side and tells her that they are Dark Fairies like her, a species of dark fairies hunted down to near-extinction due to many of them killed by human oppression. Maleficent sees a family of dark fairies with their baby on the tundra. Connal tells him that only they remain, they remain far from humanity and when the human kingdoms arose they hid from all corners of the world, although not all survived, in that nest and. Maleficent and Connal leave the tundra and enter a region of jungles and forests, there she sees dark fairies that look more like her, those of the jungle have wings with more vivid colors (blue, red, green and yellow). Maleficent sees huts made of wood and leaves in which the dark fairies of the jungle and forest live.

While Connal explains to Maleficent that before they lived in tundras, jungles, forests and deserts, they arrive in the region that corresponds to the desert and Connal explains that this nest is their only refuge. Maleficent and Connal are stopped when they see a dark tundra fairy named Udo teaching the little ones to fly. One of the children jumps and falls until he flaps his wings and manages to fly. Maleficent smiles when she sees the young fairy fly and amuse herself while doing it. Connal tells her that those little ones should fly over trees and rivers and not grow up in exile, Maleficent says "I would protect them,"Conall asks "How? Declaring war on humans?," she responds "I've been at war with them all my life." Borra reminds him that he raised a human (Aurora) as if she were his daughter and that perhaps they could achieve peace but Maleficent says him "It will never happen."

Maleficent and Connal go to a cave in the nest. He shows her the Phoenix and explains that it is an ancient and powerful Dark Fae ancestor. Connal also explains that Maleficent is the last descendant from the Phoenix. Maleficent needs to pass through certain stages in order to harbor her full potential. When she brought up a human, she cleared the initial stages and Conall insists on forgiving Aurora in order to gain her final phoenix stage, but Maleficient disagrees and tells Connal that Aurora has chosen his side. Borra appears and informs Connal and Malefica that Phillip and Aurora's wedding will be in three days. He says that they must attack Ulstead that day and kill the kings and prince of Ulstead. Because Maleficent's magic is so powerful, Conall and Borra believe she is instrumental in ending the conflict with humans, either by peace or war.

The night before wedding, some humans enter the Moors to gather flowers to use as weapons against the Fey. Sensing this, Maleficent and the Dark Fey go to the Moors to protect the flowers, but they're ambushed, and Conall is killed while protecting Maleficent, prompting Borra to declare war on the humans. Aurora discovers that Ingrith cursed John using Maleficent's old cursed spindle, as she hates all Moor fairy folk. When Ingrith learns that Aurora knows, she reveals that she bitterly resents the Moors' prosperity during a time when her kingdom suffered, and also blames them for her brother's death; she plots to eradicate all fairies and woodland beings using the iron weapons as well as a lethal crimson powder developed by Lickspittle, a de-winged pixie.

The Dark Fey launch an assault on Ulstead but the palace soldiers fire crimson powder massacring them instantly while Maleficent remains in the cavern. However, Maleficent arrives in the kingdom where she joins the battle to save her kind from being eradicated by the powder. Maleficent launches bursts of magical energy against the soldiers and uses her magic through her wings to free the Dark Feys trapped in nets. Maleficent watches Aurora and Diaval for a moment and leaves to continue fighting. Maleficent launches more blasts of magical energy against the soldiers to destroy the catapults with which they bombarded the other Dark Feys and uses her wings to break the ropes that imprisoned the Dark Feys. Maleficent flies in and sees Phillip threatening Borra with an iron sword but, to her and Borra's surprise, Phillip drops the sword, showing that he did not want war.

Maleficent searches and finds Ingrith in a tower and heads off, flying there. Unbeknownst to her, Aurora has seen her, deduces that she is after the queen and goes to the tower to try to stop her godmother. Maleficent dodges the crimson powder fired by the soldiers, uses a burst of magic energy to knock the soldiers out of the tower and prepares to kill Ingrith for her tyranny and prejudice against fairies, but Aurora comes in, appeals to Maleficent's humanity to spare her, saying "Stop, stop, stop. I'm sorry I doubted you but you're not like that. There is another way out. I know who you are. I know you." Maleficent says, coldly, "You don't know me" and Aurora says "Yes, I know you" and declares that only Maleficent is her mother. With Maleficent distracted, Ingrith fires her crossbow. Maleficent saves Aurora, but is struck by the arrow, dissolving into ashes. Devastated, Aurora grieves for Maleficent, but after Aurora's tears fall on the ashes and Ingrith comes out victorious, Maleficent resurrected from her ashes and transformed into a giant phoenix. Horrified, Ingrith pushed Aurora off the cliff, distracting Maleficent to save her in order to escape.

Maleficent saves Aurora, making a crash landing on the ground. The Dark Feys approach the phoenix, who frees Aurora and she goes to hug Phillip. All the creatures of the Moors bow as the phoenix roars; then Maleficent's phoenix form changes into her fairy form. Aurora greets Maleficent saying "Well, well" and she greets her saying "Hello Beasty" and mother and daughter hug. Diaval runs to Maleficent and Aurora and when the Dark Fey sees him, she says "I missed you", Diaval asks "Did you hit your head?" and Maleficent says "That's right" and asks Phillip "Phillip, do you love my daughter?" and he replies "With all my being" and Maleficent gives Aurora and Phillip her blessing and allows her to marry the prince to unite the two kingdoms. Lickspittle decides to stop following Ingrith's orders and gives Maleficent the spindle used to curse John and, previously, Aurora. Maleficent destroys the spindle and its curse, awakening John from his slumber while Prince Phillip forms a peace pact between the fairies and humans.

As she flees, Ingrith is stopped and captured by Borra and the other Dark Fey, who promptly throw Ingrith off a balcony, where she is repeatedly caught by vines before finally falling to the ground. Defeated and humiliated, Ingrith continues to proclaim "We cannot live amongst monsters..." and as punishment for her crimes, Maleficent transforms her into a goat and says "someone should cover those horns".

Borra and the other Dark Fey meet with Maleficent. Borra wishes that Connal could see Maleficent and she tells him "Borra, it's time to go home." Aurora comes out from behind the leaves, greets the Dark Fey and asks Maleficent if she can come. Maleficent goes with Aurora and she asks her "Will you hand me over?," Maleficent answers "Never" but Aurora, laughing, says "No, you will take me to my heart's content," Maleficent, smiling, says "Yes" and uses her magic to to heal the wounds on Aurora's face and to make her a wedding dress.

The next day, Maleficent flies up to Aurora and Phillip, and plans to stay for a little while longer, promising to come back for the christening for Aurora's child. Maleficent winks at them and then flies with younger dark fey and she may be Queen of the Moors again.

Powers & Abilities[]


Maleficent wields powerful magic due to her Dark Fae heritage. Maleficent's dark fae magic ranges in color from yellow/gold to a vibrant green depending primarily on her emotional status when using her magic (i.e. yellow/gold when happy or content and green when in anger or feeling insidious). Her magic is also vastly stronger than other members of her species due to her being a direct descendant of the Phoenix, the forebearer of the Dark Fae species. Conall once mentioned that, as such, Maleficent wields powers over life, death, destruction, and rebirth. Even fellow dark fae Borra commented "she holds powers none of us possess". Unlike other dark fae, Maleficent is able to use her power to perform transformations on both herself and others single-handedly, while other dark fae perform such tasks in groups. Additionally, Maleficent can also unleash her magic as raw force.

Through her magic, Maleficent is capable of performing the following feats:

  • Telekinesis: She is able to move objects without the use of physical touch. She is first seen making two toy faeries made of sticks swirl in the air. Later as an adult, she is able to lift several fully grown men in armor, making them levitate and swing back and forth in the air before pushing them together and then cascading them about.
  • Elemental Control: Maleficent is able to conjure and make use of various elements.
    • Aerokinesis: She can summon and manipulate wind for various effects. She used this ability to announce her arrival at Aurora's christening.
    • Atmokinesis: She can summon weather-like effects as when she pranked the 3 faeries by creating a downpour inside their hut.
    • Geokinesis: When walking back to the moors in anger, she was walking through a passage with walls of rock that began to dismantle as she walked by.
    • Chlorokinesis: She can manipulate plant life in various ways. She is first seen being able to heal branches and trees that have broken or been cut. She used this power to save a toddler Aurora who ran off of a cliff by making large, exposed roots on the underside of the cliff catch her and bring her back up to safety. Maleficent has also used this power to create bridges with roots, decorate Ulstead for Aurora's and Philip's wedding, create a throne for herself, and summon her iconic Forest of Thorns when isolating the moors.
    • Pyrokinesis: As a phoenix, Maleficent destroyed an entire tower of the Ulstead castle with a single fire blast from her wing.
  • Transfiguration: She can cause other creatures and objects to change their shape and form. She does this most often with Diaval, causing him to take on many shapes including human, horse, wolf, and dragon, and often only with a single command and/or hand gesture. She also used this ability on Queen Ingrid, turning her into a goat. It should be noted that Diaval, whose true form is a crow, always retains some element or accent of his original form after being transformed; a beak, feathers/plumage, talons, etc. After losing her wings, Maleficent grabs a nearby twig and transforms it into a jeweled staff. Upon her death at the hands of Queen Ingrid, Maleficent takes on the form of the phoenix.
  • Energy Manipulation/Projection: Unlike other dark fae, Maleficent can unleash her magic as raw force such as when finding out the reason behind Stefan's betrayal, releasing a pilar of green energy which pierced the sky and cause clouds to swirl. At the failed dinner at Ulstead, Maleficent blasted away several guards who attempted to attack her with ease. Later at the battle of Ulstead, Maleficent released her magic in a fire-like form to blast groups of soldiers.
  • Self-Resurrection: Due to her phoenix lineage, upon being killed by Queen Ingrith, Maleficent's true power awakened and she rose back to life as a great phoenix.
  • Healing: After her death and resurrection, Maleficent displayed the ability to heal injuries as when she caused Aurora's facial scratches to vanish with a finger wave.
  • Spell Casting: Like other fae, Maleficent is able to cast spells.
    • Sleep Inducement: Maleficent is able to cause people to instantly fall asleep. She did this often with Aurora and once with Prince Philip. This is undone with a simple flick of the wrist. As part of this enchantment, Aurora and Philip would float in an almost water-like stasis until they and Maleficent reached their destination.
    • Cursing/Curse Breaking: Our only time seeing this ability is when she casts her iconic sleeping curse on an infant Aurora at her christening. Every word that Maleficent includes in her declaration becomes part of the spell's reality. This proves a problem for Maleficent when she tries to break her own curse after warming up to Aurora as a teenager. Because Maleficent declared "No power on Earth can change it!" in her spell, not even she herself was able to revoke the curse and it had to play out. It should be noted that her curse became imbued in the spindle that was present at Aurora's christening as it reconstructed itself so she could prick her finger and it was later used by Queen Ingrith to curse her husband, the King.
  • Destruction: After her resurrection, Maleficent was finally able to destroy the spindle that was imbued by her previously unbreakable curse, causing it to dissolve to ash.
  • Telepathy/Clairvoyance: Maleficent possesses the ability to read minds and sense the presence of others, as well as project and broadcast thoughts into others.
  • Hypnosis: Maleficent possesses the ability to manipulate the minds of others.
  • Superhuman Strength: Maleficent was shown to possess physical strength far greater than that of even a well-armored and seasoned warrior's, literally flooring dozens of armed soldiers when they attempted to invade the Moors and later defeating a crazed King Stefan with almost effortless ease. Additionally, she is able to lift a fully grown man with ease and tackle through an army and mortally wound King Henry with little effort.
  • Superhuman Durability: She is able to function normally even while badly hurt.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Maleficent can recover instantaneously from injuries, even those caused by iron - provided that she was no longer touching it. During her final confrontation with Stefan, his soldiers first trapped her in an iron net that severely weakened her, and she was barely able to remain conscious because of the pain, but once Diaval removed the net, she regained sufficient strength to stand up on her feet. Her healing factor is so potent that her amputated wings not only remained alive and healthy for sixteen years but also immediately reattached to her back when freed from their cell.
  • Immortality: As she is a faerie, Maleficent possesses immortality. Therefore, she's unable to wither or die by natural means, thus her aging is permanently halted when she reached maturity, retaining the youth and vitality of a woman in her prime. This was shown when she kept her youth to the present age of 50, decades after King Stefan's betrayal. As long as she isn't killed, she may be able to live forever.

Dark Fae Physiology:

  • Dark Fae Wings/Flight: Like other members of her species, Maleficent possesses massive wings on her back. Hers in particular are so large that they drag the ground when she walks and have proven to be so strong that Maleficent can use them to release gale-force wind blasts with a single beat.


All in all, despite her power, Maleficent only has one weakness:

  • Iron: The slightest contact could burn her skin, and prolonged exposure could weaken her dramatically. However, when determined enough, Maleficent was able to snap an iron chain holding a chandelier with her wings, proving that even iron could barely slow her down when she was at her most dangerous.


Maleficent and Stefan[]

Maleficent and Stefan were once best friends and lovers, then later enemies after Stefan betrayed Maleficent and stole her wings.

Maleficent and Aurora[]

Maleficent and Aurora are extremely close, resembling a mother and daughter relationship. Despite the fact Maleficent didn't like Aurora at first, they began having a closer bond, as Maleficent tearfully apologizes to her after she fell into the sleep-like death. Maleficent kissed her on her head, and because it was true loves kiss, Aurora was awakened.

Maleficent and Diaval[]

After saving his life, Diaval promises Maleficent he will be her humble servant as a gratitude. Maleficent and Diaval have been together for twenty-one years now. Throughout the years they've become close friends and even after by this time, Diaval has payed his life-debt and Maleficent does not longer need "wings."

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On the other hand, Maleficent is not oblivious to this peculiar relationship and even treasures it.





"Aurora, there is an evil in this world. And I cannot protect you from it." - Maleficent to Aurora

"I will not ask your forgiveness. Because what I’ve done to you is unforgivable. I was so lost in hatred and revenge... Sweet Aurora, you stole what was left of my heart... And now I’ve lost you forever. I swear, no harm will come to you, as long as I live, and not a day shall pass that I don’t miss your smile." - Maleficent to Aurora

"True Love's Kiss? Have you not worked it out yet? I cursed her that way because there is no such thing." - Maleficent to Diaval.


  • Angelina Jolie is the portrayer of Maleficent in Disney's live action movie, Maleficent.
  • This version of Maleficent is very different towards the Sleeping Beauty version of herself:
    • In the original version, Maleficent was evil, while in this version Maleficent was a tragic hero, she is shown to have morals and remorse, and only became evil when King Stefan betrayed and mutilated her:
      • Because of this, her reason to curse Aurora was changed; Whereas in original version she did so because of not being invited to the party in baby Aurora's favor, this version committed the deed as the retaliation of aforementioned betrayal, an act she eventually regretted through her newfound maternal love for Aurora.
      • While this Maleficent meets Prince Phillip, she never confronted him like the original. Instead, she enlisted his aid to break Aurora's curse when her own early attempt to do so failed (though her own true love's kiss restored Aurora in the end).
    • In the original version, Maleficent has light green skin, while the 2014 version has pale skin.
    • Unlike the original version of Maleficent, this version is not shown to have the ability to teleport. Instead, she possessed wings whose theft became the reason of her fall from grace.
    • In the original, Maleficent, and her minions were searching for Aurora for sixteen years with no such luck, while in this version, Maleficent was able to find Aurora, with the help of her pet raven and servant Diaval, almost instantly.
    • The original Maleficent dies at the end of the film, while the 2014 version, Maleficent is still alive.
    • Maleficent in this version never turned into a dragon, instead, she turned Diaval into a dragon. However, in the sequel, she does transform into a large phoenix.
    • This version of Maleficent doesn't live in a castle on top of the Forbidden Mountain. Instead, she lives in the Moors.
    • The enchanted thorns Maleficent summoned in the 2014 version, were used as a barrier to prevent anyone from entering and destroying the Moors, while in the original version, Maleficent used the thorns to prevent Prince Phillip from reaching Princess Aurora and breaking the curse.
    • Unlike the original version who died at the end, this Maleficent survived in the end with King Stefan (the one who turned her evil) died instead.
    • Lastly, unlike the original version whose race is not revealed, the character's species is established as Dark Fey, a race of endangered horned faeries.
    • In Maleficent, she is good and an anti-heroine but in Sleeping Beauty she is evil and the main antagonist, as her intentions were to harm the kingdom.
  • As well as Sam Riley (Diaval), Angelina Jolie herself has been pushing a lovers relationship between Maleficent and Diaval, in fact, the original script for Maleficent (2014) hinted that the characters felt something more at each other, using it as a healing process for Maleficent so she can learn that "true love" does exist, but instead, the writers preferred to focus on a mother-daughter relationship; despite that, the idea was not thrown away and Jolie, as a producer, will make it happen.
  • In Sleeping Beauty she was voiced by Eleanor Audley, who also voiced Lady Tremaine from Cinderella and Madame Leota from The Haunted Mansion.
  • She is similar to the Wicked Witch of the West as portrayed in Wicked in that both are alternate and more sympathetic portrayals of notorious movie witches.
  • She has some similarities with Gru (Steve Carell) from Despicable Me and The Grinch (Jim Carrey) from How the Grinch Stole Christmas!, as both are villains who eventually became heroes after sharing a parental bond.
  • In Kingdom Hearts series, she is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee, who also voiced Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's evil stepmother, the Evil Queen Grimhilde and the Witch, Snow White's evil stepmother, Mrs. Turner, Wanda, and Anti-Wanda in The Fairly Odd Parents, Principal Decerto in American Dragon: Jake Long (2005-2007), and Dorothea the Dragon Ghost in Danny Phantom (2004-2007).